Polyurethane beehive - Energy efficiency, low (about 0,025 W/m*K) thermal conductivity of material. This is the reason why bees during winter consume less of honey (about 25-50% less) as compared to wooden beehives with wall thickness 25mm. In summer time hot period – bees not ventilating the air on the landing pad, but they are carrying nectar. There is no need to perform further thermal insulation;

Tightweight and the same time durable. Possibility to use regular fasteners for transportation of beehives (for example, belts);

The material saw able, cut able, drill able, groove able, can be sanded easier than wood. Very easy to make landing pad in any shell (body) which will comply with your technology of beekeeping;

The material is not soaking water therefore there is no environment for bacteria, mites and wax moth. Bees are less susceptible to diseases;

The material is not soaking water, therefore is no deviation in the geometric dimensions at all, during all time of operating it. Any component can be moved from one beehive to another without any adjustment;

Competitive price and compact packaging. You will receive product in compact packaging, convenient even for distant apiary. You can build your beehive in field condition, even on your own. You can buy any component separately, in accordance to price list;

The material is safe for humans, animals and insects;

There is no need to use fire for disinfection. You can use steam (for example handheld steam generator with temperature 130-150 C), or disinfection solutions of any type followed with washing with clean water of the product. With proper treatment, therefore any infection will be destroyed;

The material can be painted with water based paints or organically based paints.


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